Friday, August 26, 2005

Back to House Cleaning

The friend from Florida I mentioned in my earlier blog, is arriving tomorrow. So now I have to get back to house cleaning, a job that has been deferred too many times. House-keeping has never been my forte.

Having a friend come for a short visit is always a good a time as any to really spruce up the house. There are surfaces and tops that need to be dusted. Floors that need vacuuming and mopping. Windows that need shining. Cob-webs that need removing. Tables and counter-tops that need clearing. And cars that need cleaning inside and out.

I may complain and moan about having to do the work, but once it is done and the house and cars look in decent shape, there is always that feeling of satisfaction and achievement. Yes, then I get to reward myself by asking dear hubby to take the family out for a meal. You don't want to mess up the kitchen just before the guest arrives now do you? :-)

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