Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bringing Your Husband to Heel

I was quite intrigued when I first heard snippets on the radio about how a woman, who was a dog trainer, was using dog training techniques on her husband to teach him obedience. When I researched further on the subject, I found that that was the premise of a television show currently showing on BBC2.

I'm sure we women would find the show entertaining if not funny, because what wife would not like having an "obedient" husband? :-) I've been thinking along the same line with regards to raising children. Are there obedience schools for children like there are for dogs or horses?

Back to training husbands, I don't think we women would find it funny at all if the situation had been reversed. There would be screams and howls of "sexism", "demeaning" etc from us women!

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  1. it wont b nice..but sometime can b nice..esp. in the bed...:)


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