Monday, August 22, 2005

First Official Day at Pre-school

Today my two year olds officially enter pre-school. They will attend three days a week of school. Last week they attended 2 days of summer program at the pre-school and have familiarized themselves with the place which is a great help. First day of school jitters have thus been avoided.

As much as they aggravate me while home, their absence takes some getting used to. The house is just too quiet without them! I'm not saying that is bad! :-)

They are two years old but their verbal skills are at a one year old level. :-( They understand a lot more than they can verbalize.

It is my hope that by being around children more of their age they will learn to speak more, and quickly! All that screaming and screeching when they want something can grate on one's nerves!

Also, hopefully they will develop better social skills. At home they only have each other to beat on, but at school there are children bigger than they and as such hopefully they will learn to share and play with others.

My babies are growing up ... sob...

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