Thursday, August 25, 2005

Reality Show for Sperm Donors


AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands (Reuters) -- Billionaire television producer John de Mol, behind the pioneer show "Big Brother," will test the limits of reality TV with a program in which a woman searches for a potential sperm donor to conceive a child.

His new TV station Talpa, launched earlier this month, confirmed it will air a program called "I want your child ... and nothing else!" but gave no further details about the show due at 1830 GMT on Wednesday.

"The plan is that we visit potential donors and -- of course on camera -- decide which man is most suitable," the 30-year old woman who will feature in the program said in an interview with De Telegraaf newspaper."Afterwards there will be artificial insemination," said the woman who was identified only as "Yessica" and who has bought a house with a room for a child. ....

I heard about this reality show from BBC News on our local PBS station this evening. I have never been interested in reality shows because personally I think there is nothing real about those shows but when I heard about this show which involves sperm donors and a woman .... well!

I don't know what word or words to use to describe such a show. Poor taste? I wonder what kind of man would submit himself to being tested to see if he has the best supply of sperms. Makes me think of stud services in the horse raising community! :-)

This gets me to thinking about people who had children from annonymous sperm donors. What if in a city, one man happens to be the donor to several women. And what if when the children are grown, they meet each other and fall in love and have children of their own. You see where I am going with this? I won't be surprised if such a scenario has already happened.

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