Monday, August 22, 2005

Visitors from Malaysia

Today I received an email from a friend in Malaysia. She and her husband are coming to the US for work and leisure. This friend has cousins living in San Francisco, and asked if Galt is any where near San Francisco. You can imagine how happy I was to hear that they would like to pay us a visit while in the general area.

Since moving to the US in 1999, I've had a few friends come by to visit us in Galt. One good friend in particular has been to visit us twice. We took her on a road trip on her 2nd visit and we got to visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona, drove through New Mexico and spent a few days in Colorado Springs, and drove through Utah, and Nevada before arriving back in California.

Also at the end of the month, an old friend from Malaysia who is now living in Florida is visiting us for a week. We are looking forward to her visit. Unfortunately her husband won't be able to come with her since he is a teacher and summer break is over. We hope to show her a bit of California during her visit. She has never been to California before (except LAX, which doesn't count!). We're thinking of taking her on a little road trip - to San Francisco, Fort Bragg, and maybe the central coast or even LA.

Summer isn't over yet ... :-)

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