Thursday, September 22, 2005

First Day of Fall

It's officially the start of Fall today. And the weather is co-operating with the change of season. :-) I remember the first year we moved to northern California. The weather stayed warm till November! I wondered if it was ever going to cool down.

The one thing I wished we get a lot more of here is the fall colors. There are not that many trees that change with the season in California. Most of the trees where I live are ever green trees and the ones that do change color are not spectacular enough. The leaves turn yellow and then brown and fall off the trees.

One of my friends living in Maryland tells me how she and her family would take drives just to see the fall colors. The first year I arrived in this country, Doug and I drove to Arkansas in the fall, but it was a little late in the season. We missed the prettiest part of the season.

I would still like to visit one of the states in the east coast during the fall so I can enjoy all the beauty fall has to offer.

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