Thursday, September 29, 2005

Get Your Own Paying Site!

One of the more irritating things while browsing through is the absence of the Next Blog tab at the top of the blog site. Hey, if the presence of the tab bothers you, go get your own paying site! If you are too cheap to pay for your own site, then leave those things alone! is free and we don't have to put up with ad banners unlike other free blogger sites. So the least we can do is leave whatever else has put up on the site alone!

Ok, I came across a funny picture, or should I say kinky, on a blog today. Here check it out yourself. One has to be indeed kinky to put one's privates in an exhaust pipe, and dressed in a teddy at that! Hahaha.

I also came across some pretty blogskins on some sites today. Here are a few examples.

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  1. RIGHT ON about the "Next Blog" button! Some selfish bloggers remove it, and some put the trendy but annoying "Make Poverty History" banner in the corner which disables it.

    Workaround: Right-click it and "Add To Favorites" (on a PC) ...


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