Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Malaysia Donates to Katrina Victims

Malaysia gives RM3.7m to hurricane victims in US

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has given US$1mil (RM3.76mil) to the United States to provide relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina that recently lashed through Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Foreign Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar presented the money to American Red Cross president and CEO Marsha Evans at its headquarters in Washington yesterday.

Syed Hamid, in the United States to deliver a keynote address at the Malaysia-US Bilateral Colloquium, said the two countries had long enjoyed warm and close relations in various fields, such as trade, defence, education, tourism and counter-terrorism.

Therefore, it was only natural for Malaysia to help the United States in its difficult period.

Syed Hamid added that Malaysia was committed, on humanitarian grounds, to help countries afflicted by natural disasters.

In accepting Malaysia's donation, Evans expressed her appreciation, saying that it indicated the country's commitment to humanitarian assistance.

I am proud that Malaysia has donated to the Hurricane Katrina relief fund. The amount may not seem much but the fact that Malaysians saw the devastation wrought by the hurricane and felt compelled enough to help and donate is most noteworthy. :-)

I am also proud that Malaysia, according to Syed Hamid, is committed to assisting any country on humanitarian grounds. This attitude is commendable. Let not our biases or our political disagreements be hindrances to rendering any help to people who need it. We can never tell when it will be our turn to be on the receiving end of much needed aid and assistance.

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