Monday, September 26, 2005

On Married Men and Such

How common is it for a married man to have the hots for a pretty single woman? Really have the hots and start acting foolish?

Should we condemn such actions? If we do, are we being judgemental? Are we saying that those married men who fall for single women bad, and that we who condemn are better than they? Don't judge for we might find ourselves in such a situation in future?

Those were some follow-up questions that came up during a discussion at an online forum, to the initial question, "What if a married man has the hots for a single woman?"

That initial question elicited quite a reaction from certain married members of the forum. It could be the question had hit close to home for some, and certain participants did not like the idea of being judgemental on others for fear one day they might find themselves in the position of a married man having the hots for a single woman. :-)

My only response to the discussion was, a married man has no business having the hots for a single woman, and a single woman has no business having the hots for a married man.

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  1. It's only natural ...

    All men have the hots for pretty single women!

    They should not deny it. But they should not pursue it.


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