Wednesday, September 28, 2005

On Readerless Blogs

I like to browse through the blogs on and occasionally I would stop and take the time to read some of the posts and even leave comments.

I was quite amused when I came across this blog (sorry, forgot to bookmark it) with an entry called Readerless Blogs. He asked how many blogs are out there that are readerless? Heheh. I left a comment, "see I dropped by and read your blog, keep going". :-)

As for this blog of mine, I know there is one regular reader, that is, dear hubby himself. :-) Some friends tell me they come back and read my blog too but they never leave comments.

Readerless or not, blogging at least for me, has become the journaling that I was never disciplined enough to maintain. I like this format because I can post pictures and write just about anything. The things I write don't have to be personal experiences, merely observations.


  1. read this and tell me what u think


  2. Well thanks for reading my blog, I appreciate every reader.
    Also if you want to find out if anyones reading your blog there are a bunch of free sitemeters you can put up. At the moment I like the one from the best, but I've got a couple others that I put on my site to see which one I preferred and I haven't bothered taking them off yet.

  3. hi puteri! i read yr blog quite regularly. am especially interested in your jewelry making. fine job you did there and i am amazed how you cud do so much, especially with 2 young kids! :)

  4. i read yr blog quite regularly and especially interested in yr hobby in jewelry making. fine job you did there and i am amazed by how you could do so much especially with having 2 very young kids!


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