Friday, September 16, 2005

Pre-School Update

In my earlier post I mentioned something about first day school jitters being avoided after a 2 day participation in a summer program. How wrong I was, about one of them, that is! Duncan, being the sociable little guy that he is, has a blast at school. It is hard to make him leave at the end of the day. As for Denice, every time we arrive at school, there are tears and howls. She doesn't want to be there. Every time I come to pick them up at the end of the day, she just cannot wait for me to take her out of there. :-(

Well, today is the first time, that she eagerly went into her classroom. She even waved goodbye at me! :-) I am so happy to see her finally settling down and learning to get along with the other children in the class. Well, sort of learn to get along with the other kids! :-)

Already they are saying more words then when they first entered pre-school. Duncan said his first 2 word sentence yesterday. It was just "Oh, no!" but that was good enough for me! :-) I am sure by the end of the year they'll be a lot more talkative. And when they do start talking, I'm not so sure if they'll know when and how to stop!

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