Saturday, September 10, 2005

Satellite TV Programming

Yesterday I received a call from the satellite TV provider. It was one of those after sales call. I was asked if I was satisfied with the service installation and if I liked the TV programming. Oh yes, I used that opportunity to ask the lady why there was not one HBO channel included in the package that I had ordered?

Yes, I know there are 7 HBO channels, but I would be quite happy with just one! Grrr! Why was I able to access all the HBO channels the other night?

Oh, that was just a promotion!

Oh yeah. :-( A lot of good that does me!

Oh ma'am, let me check if there is a promotion I can give you, now I can't promise you anything ... How about Showtime? Would you like Showtime?

I don't want to pay for anything extra, ok?

Lo and behold, I have access to Starz and Showtime! :-) Now I don't know for how long though. But while I still have access to those channels might as well enjoy them while I can! This morning I enjoyed Chow Yun Fatt in Bullet-proof Monk. That was a good action flick! Love the action sequences. Later in the morning I watched Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. It was quite funny and I enjoyed that too. Tonight there's going to be an Angelina Jolie movie, might want to catch that one too! :-)

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