Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Visitors from Malaysia Update

Today my friends are arriving by Amtrak bus from San Jose. They have been in San Jose since they arrived from Malaysia on Friday, Sept 2nd. I've never been to the Amtrak station in Stockton so I've been studying the map and memorizing the directions to the station! Don't want to get lost and leave my friends waiting for me. :-)

I'm looking forward to their short visit. I'm also looking forward to taking them to the Galt Flea Market tomorrow. They'll be reminded of the Pasar Malam in Malaysia (Night Market) when they see it.

Since they'll only be spending a night here with us in Galt, there won't be much time to show them the other surrounding areas, which is a pity. I'll take them for a drive and show them the vineyards that we have around here. Maybe even stop by a winery and sample some wine. :-)

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