Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Downloaded Music Update

I know there are aspiring recording artistes out there that post their music online to be downloaded for free. While searching for more free MP3 downloads I came across a MSN-CNET site. On the site are listed various countries and from each country you can download whatever free music that suits your fancy .. from little known artistes of course.

I started downloading a few songs from Malaysia, listened to them, and decided I liked them. So I started looking at those from Indonesia and Singapore too. Now I have enough music to burn on 2 audio CDs.

Generally, the music composed are not all that bad. Well, except for the recording quality of some. Actually I think the groups or soloists who post their music on this site are quite talented. They just need a break. One Malaysian guy's instrumental music was quite good ... to my untrained ear, of course, heheh. His music sort of reminded me of Yanni.

That gets me to thinking. I wonder if Vynne, Simon, Nixon and Jawi have thought about posting their songs to a site like MSN-CNET? I did download their free music from rumahdayak. Their vocal quality needs a little more polish, but it's a good start.

Every aspiring artiste needs some kind of exposure .. even if he/she has to give his/her music for free.

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