Sunday, November 27, 2005

Downloaded Music

I have been downloading music from the internet ever since the hey day of Napster. You can just imagine how slow going it was back then with my dial-up connection.

And recently I downloaded some Iban music ( shh, some were illegally fromatted!) as well as Malay and Hindi tunes. So I was thinking, since I don't have an MP3 player and can only play these music while I am on my computer, why don't I go and buy myself a player that has a CD-R/RW playback?

Hehehe, I was at K-Mart last night and I saw this little player (see pic) that had a CD-R/RW playback. I didn't know if it played MP3 straight or not. So as soon as I got home I got busy and started copying my music files onto CD-R discs. I used Media Player to burn them on the CD, and that was when I noticed that the CD was converted into an audio CD which could be played in any standard CD player, DVD player or CD drive on my computer! Heheh, I didn't need my new player to play those discs!

But that's ok, because the new player I bought, which has a radio and cassette player, is quite compact and I can carry it around and play my newly burned discs without having to sit near my computer to listen to them. Moreover right now, one of my favorite FM stations has started playing all Christmas songs 24/7 on the air! Now that has really helped in getting me in the festive mood.


  1. Hehe. Looks like you kicked off Christmas shopping early this year. Ah, the joy of getting something new, can't wait to get home and use it. Let's brace ourselves for mad shopping!

  2. Yes, mad shopping! :-) I'm not quite done yet!


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