Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Silent Movies

Two nights ago, Doug and I watched two Harold Lloyd movies back to back on TCM channel. I don't remember the last time I watched a silent movie (that would be a Charlie Chaplin film) so it was quite refreshing to watch two silent movies starring Harold Lloyd.

I have not heard of Harold Lloyd nor watched any of his film prior to this, and I can say with conviction that he was quite an actor and comedian. The two films we watched were Grandma's Boy and The Freshman. They were really funny.

Each of the film was only an hour long. No dialogue was needed because the acting was so good that we knew exactly what the actors wanted to say. Yeah, the dialogue screen that appeared between the scenes helped too. Hehehe.

I look forward to watching more Harold Lloyd movies. I am sure I will be quite entertained.


  1. hello there. thanks for dropping by. so you're an ex colomban too. long before my time, i know, but you must be from miri too.

  2. Yes, from Miri, and Columban all the way, except for Tanjung the last 2 years

  3. I love Harold Lloyd movies. The last time I watched his movies was ooo..centuries ago. I personal favourite has to be his 1923 'Safety Last' where he dangles from a clock. Too bad we don't have TCM channel here. Did you know that he lost his thumb and finger while shooting another movie in 1919. Some useless trivia there. LoL..


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