Saturday, November 26, 2005

Still Waiting

I am still waiting for my digital camera that I ordered from Walmart online more than a week ago. I received an email saying it was shipped last Sunday. Last Sunday! Today is Saturday, and when I checked the tracking from UPS, it is still somewhere in California. What kind of delivery is this? Snail delivery? I know it cost me only $1.49 in shipping but still, all previous standard delivery did not take a whole week and more. Could it be that we had a holiday last Thursday?

Anyway, dear hubby checked the specs of this new camera because he saw some much cheaper models of the same make while he was at Best Buy yesterday. Well, what do you know? My new camera is indeed an ultra compact! Heheh, it won't occupy as room as I thought it would in my new handbag!


  1. Hi Puteri how are you today? Good news from me here, my internet connection work so fast today. Server down all over Bintangor area two days passed. But I did sent you email. I hope it's succesfully send to you. emmm yes your turkey look very delicious emmmmm meliur aku, today I went to Sibu, I bought two pairs ugly sandals but for me is unique sandals, then I bought short pants. Hehehe who know i'll spent my time to have holiday at Resort or beach. Bet you learn many recipe, cooking since you moved over there. Maybe we can share our recipe's someday. But I only have asian cuisine. Well don't worry, you will get your difital cam very soon, as long it's send to you. If you dare to pay more for delivery maybe it's send to you faster hahaha. teasing you. ok bye for now.

  2. Heheh, you right cuthess, I could pay more and get an overnight delivery but I am too cheap, yet have the nerve to complain about the slowness of the delivery!


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