Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christmas Tree Shopping

This evening we took the kids to the Boy Scouts' christmas tree lot to buy a christmas tree. We usually buy our tree from the Boy Scouts.

Before we left, I bundled the kids in warm clothes. The temperature tonight is 38 F which is about 3 Celcius. The kids and I took the mini van while Daddy drove the pick up truck.

This is actually the kids first real christmas tree. They were so excited the see the trees at the lot that they ran here and there among the trees. :-) We chose a small tree, a silver tip fir, about 4 - 5 feet tall.

When we got home with the tree, we couldn't decorate it yet because the tree we bought was quite skinny and the screws that held the tree together in the tree stand wasn't long enough to clamp the tree down. :-( So it'll have to wait till tomorrow.

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