Thursday, December 22, 2005


I am still waiting for my karaoke player. No, I did not get the all in one machine. I ordered just the player and also a set of speakers .. more for home theater but I hope they work for karaoke as well! Doug and I know nothing about sound system so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I'll be pleasantly surprised if my player arrives before Christmas.

My speakers arrived today; a pleasant surprise indeed! I was informed via email by Amazon that it will arrive after the 24th. My karaoke VCDs also arrived today so I am set to karaoke! Heheh. I played one of the VCDs just to see the quality of the music .. ermm, could have been better. There is no voice in the VCD, just the music guide (melody). :-( So I guess I'll just have to look else where if I want to really learn some of the songs.

My good friend in Indiana, says it'll be a lot more fun to karaoke with a friend .. if only we were neighbours! We could sing up a storm! Heheh. Brings back memories of days when I karaoked with Stephen, Ix, and other Cambodian and Vietnamese students in Gia Lam, Vietnam!

UPDATE: My karaoke player was delivered via UPS around 6.00 p.m. today. Yeah! Everything I ordered arrived before Christmas. I'm pleasantly surprised. Now Doug has to help me put everything together .... connect speakers, etc.


  1. Deka ninga Puteri mai lagu Bujang Lelingai :)

  2. Heheh, enti nemu lagu nya, belagu meh aku! Bah, ni munyi lagu nya? Kirum ka aku mp3 .. ila maya kitai begempuru, aku mantai lagu nya! Heheh.

  3. It goes with the dangdut sway you have to sing and do a bit of waltz mixed wirh Salsa :) Dat one have to practice also.

  4. Uk bisi udah ngaga mp3 ka aku and udah bulih lagu Bujang Lelingai .. tapi agi ka minta VCD kena karaoke! Enda entu bulih mina nitih lagu aja .. ka nguji kediri enggau music iya sekali! Heheh.


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