Thursday, December 01, 2005

Shopping Online

This afternoon I went shopping on After comparing prices from different merchants, I settled on a SanDisk 512 MB xD memory for my new camera. It cost me $55.99 and shipping was free for any order over $25. I've seen the same memory for less at ebay but I didn't want to deal direct with an unknown seller with regards to payment.

I also bought a new card reader, an xD reader/writer for $16.14. It's very small, lightweight (14 grams) and travel friendly. Just what I needed! :-)

I looked at PDAs too, and decided to get one for Doug for Christmas. It wasn't the latest model, heheh, but good enough. It is a PalmOne Tungsten E2. Actually, I was looking for a personal organizer for myself, nothing fancy, and I might just go back and get one for myself! :-) There are a few that are quite reasonably priced. If I do get one, I just hope that I am not too dumb to learn how to use it! Heheh.

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