Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Winter Solstice

Today is the shortest day of the year and marks the first official day of winter. Sundown today in Sacramento was at 4.48 p.m.

Doug and I did our last minute Christmas shopping today. After dropping off the kids at preschool, we went to the Flea Market, right here in Galt. We saw tricyles for sale, and decided to get one each for the kids there. We had originally planned on getting the trikes at a store in Sacramento, but figured that it would be cheaper at the Flea Market. After all the vendor didn't have higher overheads like store rental!

But we did go to Sacramento to get other stuff. We stopped at Costco first, hoping to get sea food. But the seafood was no bargain. I had thought about serving seafood for Christmas dinner, but I guess it's going to be turkey! I got two bottles of wine, one white for myself because I prefer white to red, and a red wine, for the turkey recipe. The red was a cheap one imported from France, while the white was twice the cost from a winery in California.

At the Asian supermarket, I was surprised to see kangkong (water spinach) still available this late in the season. It was only when I got home that I noticed that the bunch I got cost me $4.55! A bit expensive for kangkong, don't you think?

It was raining and already quite dark when we finally made our way home. Fortunately it had stopped raining when we picked up the kids from school. It would have been quite a hassle trying to get the kids strapped in their seats if it were raining!

No, the kids didn't know anything about their new tricycles. We are saving that for Christmas. The look on their faces when they see their trikes on Christmas morning will be precious! :-)

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