Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dancing With the Stars

I don't watch a lot of TV and there are very few programs that I consider a must see. We had a short power failure tonight, and we dug out our emergency light cum TV out of the closet. It just so happened that the channel that came on was ABC and the program that was on was Dancing With the Stars. What?! There's a new season of Dancing With the Stars? Geez, how did I miss that?

I enjoyed the previous season's Dancing With the Stars, and tried not to miss any episode. I even watched the rematch between Kelly Monaco and her professional dance partner, Alec Mazo, and John O'Hurley and his professional dance partner, Charlotte Jorgensen. However, I was disappointed that Kelly Monaco and partner did not win the rematch. In the real competition she deserved to win the competition because she was the most improved dancer. One of the judges comments about her dancing was really bad ... "you looked like you just came back from a funeral". But she proved her critics wrong and worked really hard that she ended up looking really professional.

This year, the celebrity dancers I recognize are Tatum O'Neal, Drew Lachey, George Hamilton, and Tia Carrere. I don't recognize the others. But no matter, the idea of the whole show is to turn some celebrity into a dancer.

Heheh, I took ballroom dancing lessons before but too bad have never kept up with it. I can only dance any kind of ballroom dancing if my dance partner is able to lead me. Otherwise, I am flat-footed. :-( Doug does not do any ballroom dancing - his is country and western dancing and I do not know how to do that.

Well, our friends, Kathy and Richard are thinking about taking lessons, and have invited us to join them. We just might, if we can arrange a baby sitter on the day the class is held.

Now that the new season of Dancing With the Stars has started, I better not forget to turn the TV on to the ABC channel on Thurdays! Hey, what happend to Smallville showing on Thursdays on the WB channel? Geez, I used to follow that program, but keep forgetting to turn on the TV to that channel! Oooppss, these two programs are on competing time slot! :-( Ok, I'll choose the former.

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