Monday, January 02, 2006

DVD Rentals

I signed up with Netflix yesterday. In case you don't know, Netflix is the world's largest online DVD movie rental service.

It all began with my good friend, Kathy, who recommended March of the Penguins. I asked her to lend me the DVD she had rented from Netflix. She did lend it to me, but told me for $9.99 a month I could rent unlimited number of DVDs from Netflix. My excuse was that I didn't have a lot of time to watch movies so didn't want to spend that kind of money if I didn't think I would get my money's worth!

But then I bought this home theater speaker set, what can I say? The LOTR series that I watched for the 3rd time to test the new sound system really blew me away! Ok, I better start renting movies then, just so I can enjoy my sound system! I checked out the rates at Blockbuster because there is one store here in Galt, but at $3.99 per rental, well, I think that is a bit steep! The local pharmacy in town used to rent out their movies for 99 cents each, but they have stopped doing video/DVD rental.

Ok, back to Netflix then. For $9.99 a month subscription I can get one movie at a time, and every time I return the DVD, they will send me another one. Of course you can pay more and get more movies at a time, but for me I think one movie at a time is more manageable.

I browsed their library of 55,000 movie titles and found they had The Sleeping Dictionary. Cuthess, wrote in her blog that she had seen the movie and that it was more of a sex story than anything else. Heheh, it is R rated so of course that tells you that there will be some sexual content in the movie. I have added The Sleeping Dictionary to the top of my Rental Queue. I found so many chinese action movies that I have missed and so they are also in my Queue now. Actually I haven't watched that many movies in recent years, so I know I will have a lot of fun watching those movies.

Netflix has a wide selection of foreign movies so I think, besides the chinese movies, I will also rent some Bollywood movies! Heheh. I watched Bride and Prejudice (bootleg copy from Petaling Street!) a few days ago and thoroughly enjoyed it! :-) There are also Korean and Japanese movies. I know how popular the Korean TV drama series are in Malaysia!

Since today is still a holiday, the first movie in my Queue will only get shipped tomorrow (Tuesday). I hope I'll receive it the following day. Netflix has a center in Sacramento so for us living in the area, that makes it very convenient - fast shipping.

On another note, I am thoroughly enjoying my home theater speakers! :-) I think that is money well spent! One day I'd like to get a plasma wide screen .. next Christmas? Heheh. For now I am glad my mother-in-law handed us down her old 44 inch projection TV. It does not give out the sharpest image, but I am not complaining! :-)

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