Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hindi Movie

This weekend I watched my first Hindi movie in a long, long time! Err, I did watch Bride and Prejudice before this, does that count as a Hindi movie?

The movie was called Kal Ho Naa Ho: Tomorrow May Never Come, produced in 2003. The lead actors were Shah Rukh Khan, Ali Saif Khan, and Priety Zinta. I'd only heard of Shah Rukh Khan and not the other two. Heheh, goes to show how out of touch I am where Hindi movies are concerned!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the film was set in New York city. I rented this movie from Netflix because the movie had some really positive reviews and was rated 4 stars by viewers. I enjoyed the film very much and the theme song had a very good tune too.

The acting from the three main actors were really good, and so were the acting from the rest of the cast. I enjoyed the many comedy moments in the film and the tear jerker moments almost made me bawl out loudly! Hahaha, been a long while since I had a good cry while watching a movie! I highly recommend this movie to all who enjoy Hindi movies.

I am recommending my good friend in Maryland to subscribe to Netflix so she can enjoy her Hindi films in the USA. I know she used to watch a lot of Hindi movies back in Miri!

The next Hindi film in my Netflix rental queue is called Parineeta, starring Vidya Balan, Ali Saif Khan and Sanjay Dutt. It has a 4 star rating, so it should be good too! Heheh.


  1. Netflix work so well there. For $17.99 a month you get 3 DVDs at a time ,it is so cheap. I wish it comes to Malaysia. For RM17.99 of course.

  2. Yes, I am enjoying my Netflix subscription .. I get the 2 DVD at a time package .. more manageable for me. I'm having a great time catching up with all the movies that I have missed! :-)
    Maybe something like Netflix would start in Malaysia! But it is possible the DVDs would get lost in the mail!

  3. On Saturdays and Sundays its Hindi Movie Day - my wife will be stuck on the TV Screen for 3 hours (these Hindi Movies standard play time) while I babysit. Cannot disturb also - you missed a few minutes of the movie and you will be lost in the overall plot. The Hindi Movie in the New York setting, I was wondering how in the hell Shah Rukh can run those miles on a bad heart to meet his 'loved' one....sometimes I try to see the logic of it which is why I am banned from watching the Hindi movies together with my wife :) I laugh when I am not supposed to. I donno, maybe I am watching the wrong message potrayed by the movies. I argue with my wife that more than 50% of India population are not so well off as the ones potrayed in the she locks me up in a room whenever a Hindi Movie is playing :)

  4. Haha, Desmond! Ya lah, no need to think about logic when watching those Hindi movies! Can't blame your wife for locking you in a room while she watches the movie! Heheh.
    These Hindi films are popular because they are a form of escapism for the poor in India itself too, otherwise how to explain the huge number of films that Bollywood churns out each year?! :-) Far more than what Hollywood produces.

  5. Hindi movie?? Eee.. buang tabiat ka orang tua ni!


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