Sunday, February 19, 2006

Taylor Mason - Comedian, Musician, Ventriloquist, Entertainer, Actor

Have you heard of Jay Leno? Chris Rock? David Letterman? How about Taylor Mason? No, never heard of him?

That was how Tayolr Mason introduced himself. He was the comedian that we could afford! Haha. Last weekend our church held an evening with Taylor Mason. Over 600 tickets were sold. Each ticket was only $5, a pretty good deal, for such an enjoyable evening.

This guy is really funny. He told his jokes accompanied by his keyboard .. he could play that instrument really well. And then there were his puppets! He had Paco the pig, Romeo the boy, Bob the lamb, Kernel the corn, and Sumo the sumo wrestler. They were so funny! Taylor Mason was such an accomplished ventriloquist that we looked at the puppets instead of him. His act with the Japanese puppet, Sumo, was the funniest for the evening.

His show was over an hour long, and we were kept in stitches throughout the evening. I have not laughed so much in such a long, long time. His jokes are clean, and it seems that he gets invited to a lot of christian functions like conferences, retreats, and the like.

I hope the next comedian that we invite will be just as good.


  1. My daughter's entertainer, stuck with Mr. Bean :)

  2. Lucky u have shows like that. There's nothing like this here except for the police dept who once in a while put on antics like free CNY haircuts ... :)

  3. And it wasn't funny! Those poor old men! :-(


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