Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Last year I liked Bo and Carrie, this year I like Chris Daughtry and Paris Bennet! Heheh, if both of them end up as the final two, it will be really hard for me to decide!

Tonight the contestants have moved to a bigger stage with a bigger audience. Stevie Wonder's compositions were what the contestants had to sing tonight. I think Mandisa, Paris and Chris were outstanding. Taylor Hicks was great too! That "sex symbol" Kevin Covais .. heheh, I won't lose any tears if he gets knocked out during the results show tomorrow.

I totally agree with Simon Cowell tonight. I can also imagine Chris making a hit of Stevie Wonder's song .. aiyah .. sorry lah, forgot the name of the song! Imagine a rock version of Stevie Wonder's usually ballad-like song.

I was browsing the threads of an Idol forum .. seems like many people believe that the organizers of the show are pushing for Chris. These viewers think that the stage lighting effect and camera angles were done better for Chris. Even if that were true, Chris has the talent to win. If the organizers are pushing this contestant, and the viewers are influenced by their actions,well, all I can say is that they too have seen the talent and potential in Chris! I, for one, am rooting for Chris! Yes, I did send in my vote tonight!

Go, Chris, go! :-)

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