Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Jesus, Take The Wheel - Carrie Underwood

American Idol is one of a couple of must-see shows for me. Last year, when Simon Cowell, early in the competition said that Carrie Underwood would win the competition, I totally agreed with him .. even though I voted for Bo Bice in the finals! But I was happy that Carrie Underwood won.

Carrie Underwood was a guest at last week's American Idol and I was quite taken by this song which she sang. Click on the Play Button to see the video clip.

Video: Jesus, Take The Wheel

Artist: Carrie Underwood


  1. Its a nice song - and it reminds me of my Christian fellowship days where we used to sing songs of praise :)its words and lyrics are quite moving.

  2. wow, never thought a blogger like you also love to watch a musical program like U.S idol. LoL.... Just like all people in Malaysia which is crazy about Malaysia Idol and Akademi Fantasia.....Lol

  3. Yes, I like the lyrics of the song .. very meaningful ... but as christians we shouldn't wait till we are really, really desperate before we turn the wheel over to Jesus! ;-)

    Guruh Utih, yes, I like American Idol! The other show I tried not to miss was Dancing with the Stars .. it ended a couple of weeks ago.

    I don't watch soaps, or any of the crime investigation shows like CSI, .. too busy! I watch the evening news and sometimes the news shows on Fox News Channel.

    I listen to a lot more radio during the day.

  4. Have a listen to the song at my freind's Blog

  5. I didn't hear any song on my Firefox browser .. :-( I'll try again using IE.

  6. Thanks Puteri for your post on Carrie Underwood and her song.

    I googled on the internet for the song's lyrics and a video clip of it and it in a way touched my heart.

    I was blessed by it and made me realise no matter where I go or try to hide, someday I will have to depend on Him in my life.

    I am in the process of turning a new leaf and finally found a place where I can worship him in truth and in spirit.

    Thanks, Puteri.

  7. this song really moves me and the video made me want to cry. I had been trying to get it to play on other web sites but it wouldn't work so i am glad that yours worked. thank you!


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