Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Oxymorons and Paradoxes

Yesterday, as I was preparing my Bible Study I came across this little tidbit of information. I was an English teacher so this was of particular interest to me.

Top 10 Oxymorons:

  • Government Organization
  • Taped Live
  • Peace Force
  • Plastic Glasses
  • Working Vacation
  • Butt Head
  • Jumbo Shrimp
  • Same difference
  • Tax Return
  • Pretty Ugly

Those 10 oxymorons were a lead in to what the authors of my bible study book were trying to teach.

Oxymorons are intriguing and often downright funny, but they are different from paraxodes. The main distinction is that a paradox, although it may appear opposed to common sense, is nevertheless true. The Christian life is full of paradoxes, and the teaching of Jesus was replete with them. For example, He taught that ...

To find you must lose (Matthew 10:39)
To be rich you must be poor (Matthew 5:3)
To live you must die (Luke 17:33)
To be first you must be last (Matthew 19:30)
To be honoured you must be humbled (Matthew 23:12)
(The 33 Laws of Stewardship by Dave Sutherland and Kirk Nowery)


  1. Kekeker.. Iban got i qite scared one knowing u r Inglish Inglish no good one :)

    Back to Iban one i know ah... I used to quarrel wif a waitress over this, I asked for something in the menu one day,

    'Minta Ai Horlicks'so, she being half Iban replied Ai 'Nadai' 'Bisi' a slow way..

    so i was confuse... so I asked again... 'Bisi ka' ..

    'Nadai Bisi' ko iya...

    my frens were already sniggering...

    'Bah' ko aku, 'Ai Horlicks... bisi ka nadai?'

    'Nadai Bisi!' she wuz quite annoyed already thinking I was ..ermm..hitting on her.......

    'Bah enti nadai, padah nadai'...ko aku, 'Nya meh padah aku, Ai Horlicks nadai bisi' saut ia...

    so meda aku geram, kaban aku ari stepped in, 'Eh brader, i think she is telling you correctly... what she wanted to say was 'Nadai sik'...that's how its said in our area....(Iban Samarahan)


    Quite enlightened, and when the tempers had calmed down, aku lalu minta ampun ngagai waiteress nya lalu minta Ai Amat.... 'Nadai bisi kami ai amat, ai 'Sky Juice' ko ia'

    "Barang ko nuan dia meh, ko aku..."

    Nyau enda nemu agi aku jako Iban... 'pedis nyamai' asai kau... ngasuh aku sakit 'celap angat' ari siti da...

  2. gamal nuan, your english no good one!

    haha, amat ko nuan Desmond, jako iban bisi ga oxymoron!

    Siti da, agi "uji try" .. heheh, kawan aku ka endar nyebut nya.

  3. haha, cukup lucu cerita desmond. I have another scenario I want to share as well. In kapit, or ibans from kapit, the word bedau takes a different meaning. The word 'bedau' actually means 'agi'.

    Like "bedau ba dapur" means 'still in the kitchen". Imagine the husband asking if dinner is served and he is told that the food is not even in the kitchen, as it is normally understood.

    Perhaps someone could give a better example for this.

  4. ha! ha! gamal nuan english enda manah kok puteri,
    amat ga Desmond naka pemanah english kitak, enti english baka generasi kami, nadai dianjung? tusah ati.. kak belajar meh tuk.

  5. Agus, Iban Saratok also say "bedau" also means "agi". We use "apin" instead of "bedau" .. hehe, but I grew up in Miri and use "bedau" meaning "not".

  6. Wah wah wah...cuthess, u wanna geng with Puteri ah....well i find it difficult to teach my little girl which to speak now. She goes to a Chinese speaking nursery (because its nearer my wife's workplace) now I have to learn Chinese to catch up with her.. kasih meda ia 'confused' at this age at why we do not seem to understand her when she wants to tell us something in Chinese... dah gak kami ngajar ia Inglish, BM and Iban....younger generations have it tougher...yeah I agree with u :)


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