Friday, May 12, 2006

For My Mother


Thank You For Being There - Thank You for Love.
Thank You for telling of God up above.
Thanks for the diapers, the washing, the folding,
The changing, repinings and all of the Holding -
The Rocking, the Singing, the Healing, the Smile -
The endurance it took to cope all the while,
With so many children, so many... you know -
I think I'd have quit not continued to go
On with the Caring, the Loving, the Giving,
The unceasing frustrations of everyday living
With all of your children...
The cooking, the cleaning, the sewing and work.
Honor is due You for You did not shirk.
You did not cease and You did not run.
You did not give up as I might have done.
And so - For those Hours, those Days, all those Years
I Thank You Dear Mother... Forgive me the Tears,
The Heartaches, and All,
The Anger, the Rudeness, The Big and the Small.
Today may your heart be full to the brim
With Peace, Joy, and Love. May nothing seem grim.
God Bless You Mother...
May your heart know how Dear
You are to me
Now and each day of the year...

© M. (Garren) Morand 1981 revised 98

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