Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Chris is out! And after all the votes I sent in for him last night! :-( I am still in a state of shock, and just so, so, so disappointed! :-( Paula said, "See you in the finals" to Chris, and I could see that she was just as shocked to hear that Chris was knocked out tonight.

American Idol just won't be the same without Chris Daughtry. I thought for sure Katherine McPhee was going to be to one to be booted out tonight.

Simon Cowell predicted that Taylor, Chris and Kellie were going to be the final three. Looks like Taylor is the only one from his prediction who has made it.

The only consolation is that Chris has received the national exposure he wanted, and he has a loyal following and I am sure he will be offered a recording contract. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Now that Chris is out, I am not sure if I am looking forward to the American Idol finals at all.


  1. Akademi Fantasia 4 is coming up in Malaysia!! Hehehe...maybe you can get to vote here? Call in Western intervention :)

  2. I watched the re-runs of the previous AF when I was home last year. I don't really like the format .. too dancing and singing for amateurs.

    I haven't seen Malaysian Idol ... that I'd like to see because I know the format.

    I am so disappointed Chris is not going to be the next Idol! :-(

  3. blablabla......i don't really known what is going on with this song competition (whatever you said it) even i does not care too. But as far as i know and notice that Malaysia Idol is better than Akademi Fantasia as what puteri said the for mat are maore acceptable. You known what while i was in my study years, we call "Akademi Fantasia" as "Akademi Pantat Sial" and "Malaysia Idol" as "Malaysia Idiot". sorry for being using such a bad words. But i really don't like with the outcome of those events except for Jaclyn victor, the others are totally sucks! especially Mawi. Mawi such a deep shit bright like a he is the only star in Malaysia.Mawi totally pieces of crap with alterego. Mawi Sucks!.......sorry.....


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