Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Last Saturday we took a trip to Sonora, which is about 70 miles from Galt, to pick up a sailboat mast that Doug had bought on ebay.

Sonora, a gold rush town, is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It was a scenic drive, and we went through two other old gold rush towns called San Andreas and Angels Camp before reaching Sonora.

There was a spring festival going on in Sonora but unfortunately we were not able to stop because there wasn't enough time. On the way back the festival was still on but we still couldn't stop because we had the 25 foot long mast mounted on our truck and it was difficult to find a spot to park the truck!

However, we did stop in San Andreas for a late lunch, and there was plenty of space in the car park for our truck with the sailboat mast.

The town of Sonora.

The sailboat mast on our truck.

The reservoir on Stanislaus River on Highway 49.


  1. wah! baka cowboy town aja. you know what, the more you post something about lifes in America, the more i want to be an American....hahahahaha
    Highway 49, baka higway ke famous nggau alien aja ....hihihihii

  2. Sonora sigi baka cowboy town, laban suba famous alai orang ngulih emas .. ba Sacramento ditu pen bisi, Old Sacramento, sama aja gold rush town.

    Guruh, nuan kala ninga pasal Green Card (PR card) Lottery .. diatu dikumbai Diversity Lottery? Tiap taun, ari pun bulan sebelas sampai pun bulan satu taun siti, orang tau apply bulih PR thru lottery .. engka bisi nasib tau nguji ila. Next November the 2008 lottery application will open. Ila bisi aku blog pasal nya ... :-)


  3. apuu! lama amat nya deh. manah ga nuan blog pasal utai nya ni nemu, salah aribulan tak bulih green card nya pama meh...hihihihih bisi chance kerakyatan Malaysia aku kena tarik automatic. ukai nya nya aja.....utang PTPTN aku pen enda bebayar...kwangkwangkwang hahahaa dah ba contract nadai pen madah enti ukai rakyat m'sia ulih mayar...huahuahua...<-----ka lari ari utang perintah

  4. apu raya nya ma ka lari ari utang perintah! Heheh, bayara aja utang awak ka ulih pulai nemuai ma udah nyadi rakyat menoa bukai! Enggai nyadi kitai kena blacklisted! ;-)


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