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"A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity." ("General Introduction to Psychoanalysis," S. Freud)

All national service (NS) trainees will be trained to use the M16 assault rifle starting with the next training session from June 25 to Sept 16.
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Despite positive feedback from participants and parents when the pilot projects on the firearms module at six NS camps ran last year, some people have voiced their concerns over the compulsory firearms training. Here is one response and here's another as found on The Star's Citizen's Blog.

I am not surprised by the near hysterical responses of some on the issue considering the draconian laws that Malaysia has over illegal weapons. For the most part, firearms ownership in Malaysia is almost non-existent. Even those who participate in shooting sports have difficulty keeping their firearms.

My father owns a shotgun and I have never fired that shotgun. I used to be afraid of guns too, because guns were associated with death, violence and criminals. But since I met and married my dear hubby, I have learnt to accept guns as a part of our life, and have learnt to cherish the citizen's 2nd Amendment Rights.

According to one of the bloggers I referenced above, guns are not for peace loving people. We have guns in our house, does it mean we are not peace-loving? I do not think that it is a valid argument to say that guns are not for peace-loving people. I am peace-loving, but that does not mean that anyone intent on harming me and my family is going to get away with it. Peace-loving does not mean pacifism. I can understand the convictions of a pacifist, but in the hands of a peaceful, law abiding person, guns are not going to be a threat to anyone.

Guns on their own do not kill people. But guns in the hands of criminals, and crazy people, now those we have to watch out for. And just because there are people who misuse and abuse their gun ownership rights, is it right to prevent others from owning their guns?

There are states in the US, like Florida, that allow its citizens to carry a concealed weapon. There are things that one must do first before one is given the permit to carry a concealed weapon, of course. A criminal would think twice before assaulting another person because that person could very well be armed!

We only hear and read about gun crimes but hardly ever do we hear and read about guns being used in self-protection. In the US -
Research by award-winning criminologist Gary Kleck and Marc Gertz reveals that guns are used for self-defense as often as 2.5 million times a year -- three to five times more often than they are misused by criminals.
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Who do you think is going to protect your family once law and order breaks down? Can we rely on our law enforcement officers to protect us? Of course not. I'd rather be armed and able to defend myself and my family.

A beretta, one of many hand guns in our collection.

My first camping at Mojave Desert with gun-loving folks.


  1. You are quite right, this one. But I can't say much, as we don't live in that kinda world, just different. People dies in car accident are always higher that those of guns (fight).

    I think most people buy and train using those guns hoping they'll never need to use them. Same goes to our medical card or insurance, I guess? :)

  2. You don't know what you are missing! Life without gun ownership, that is. Heheh.

    That's right, cars kill more people than guns, and a lot of young drivers get killed driving too fast .. nobody is asking cars to be banned!

    Sure, we train ourselves to use our guns but we hope we don't have to use it on anybody.

    Hunting is a big sport here .. ducks, deer during hunting season.

    But there is a strong anti-gun lobby in the US .. who knows one day, we will end up like Australia where private gun ownerships are now banned.

  3. that's great in US but it was contradicted with Malaysia where when najib want to introduce to National Services about this firearms training a lot of parents start complaining that such training are inappropriate- lead to terror. but you "knowla" this people even not get trained with firearms they still a dangerous terrorists


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