Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Piece of Home

A few days ago, I was talking to my mother on the phone. She talked about the places they (my parents and two brothers' families) had visited while they were in Saratok over the Gawai holidays. One of the places was Lubok Antu, and while there my brothers bought themselves a parabolic dish each.

That got me to thinking. How wonderful it would be if I was able to have such a parabolic dish and that dish would be able to intercept tv programs from Malaysia. Well of course Malaysia and the US are on different hemispheres, and unless it is a subscription based tv package watching Malaysian tv would be quite impossible.

It suddenly struck me. I have not been to visit RTM's website in something close to two years now. I had totally forgotten about RTM's website and how there were tv and radio livestreams available on the internet. The last time I looked at the site I was not able to access the tv and radio livestream. It had something to do with RTM using Real Player, and it was always congested.

So yesterday I decided to check out RTM's website again, re-registered with them (I forgot what my username was from my previous registration), and lo and behold, I was watching RTM1! RTM livestreams now use Windows Media Player, and with a high speed connection, the live-streams are not too bad .. not great but good enough.

That really made my day! I got to watch the 1 pm news on RTM1, and also heard the news on Nasional FM. I should have checked back RTM's website a long time ago, but anyway, I am happy that now I can follow the news in Malaysia via tv and radio.

The availability of WaiFM over the internet has been a source of great joy to me, and home is so much closer when one is able to listen to Iban radio .. listening to the jako pesan and all the things that come with it ... like the chirping sounds of chicks in the background! Heheh, that really tickled me when I heard that sound over the radio.

And oh, after re-discovering RTM's live streams on the internet I started looking around for other tv stations that might have live streams. Wow, there are lots out there! Through this site, I found Cyberjaya.TV, which claims to be Malaysia's first web tv ... don't know about this one, doesn't look very up to date.

Cheers to tv and radio live streams! :-)


  1. wow. good job done. I didn't even know about it until u tell me. ehehe!
    Nice :)
    I wish TV3 have their own telecast online too.

  2. Yah, i agree with you that cyberjaya tv is not up to date actually.
    Actually i was found that worldwide tv site last years. All of this because i don't want to swithc on my tv and my ass already stuck on the chairs....hahahaha
    actually there is another sites which also provide the same thing.

  3. If they can keep the postage costs between continents low enough, it would be great to exchange CDs and VCDs. That way I can get to listen to singers that are not available in Msia and those in the States can also get to enjoy the latest release of local artises here....

  4. Desmond, sometimes it is not the cost of postage that is the problem. I had some CDs (softward ciplak!) sent to me from KL, never arrived ... dunno where along the way it got lost.

    But nowadays, we can buy songs or music videos online like from the iTunes store.

    I just bought an iPod, and I would love to buy songs from Malaysia .. maybe there are eh, have yet to check that out. But have found some free mp3s online but of course I'd prefer to have a wider selection.


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