Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Summer's Here

Skimpy shorts, bermuda shorts, bicycle shorts, capris. Skinny thighs, fat thighs, ugly thighs, beautiful thighs. I guess summer's here!

I love to wear shorts during the summer. When I was much younger, I was too self-conscious to wear shorts in public, because I had very skinny legs.

But here in the US, who cares if your legs are skinny, lumpy, fat, full of cellulite, or have varicose veins! Nobody is going to stop you from wearing your shorts!

And precisely because of that, it can be quite painful to see some overweight persons, with lumpy and orange peel skin, wear their shorts. They have thighs so fat that their shorts ride up between their thighs. Boy, what an ugly sight!!

Does your grandmother wear shorts? Some elderly women wear shorts here. Some are more classy looking than others - they wear their panty hose with their shorts thereby sparing us the sight of their wrinkled legs and varicose veins.

I told myself I am not going to wait till I am too fat or too old to stop wearing my shorts! Aiyah, I got mirror at home lah. And one other thing, I will not wear any low rise shorts and expose my tummy! Forget it! It is not as flat and as firm as it used to be! Heheh.

Here's to shorts on hot summer days!

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