Tuesday, June 27, 2006

TuneBase™ FM for iPod

I was at Costco last weekend with Doug and the kids The primary objective was to look at the swing set available there and compare the product with the ones available at Toy'S'rus.

While there I saw the TuneBase™ FM for iPod. Wow, that would be neat to have, and imagine being able to listen to your iPod via your car radio. I don't like to have the ear buds speakers in my ears while I am with other people .. it is so anti-social! :-)

Anyway, I tested the TuneBase FM on my car radio and it sounded fine .. a little staticky but the problem was resolved when I turned on the mono feature ... for listening to stuff that is not music, setting the sound to mono is preferable.

As for the swing set, we didn't get the one at Costco because the alternative at Toy'S'rus was $300 cheaper. We picked up the one at Toy'S'rus that evening. The swing set is still the box .. we still need to get the area where we want to put it ready. Right now the weeds in the backyard are dry and there are stickers there. More work needs to be done!


  1. good choice! maybe i will get one later on

  2. Heheh, I am enjoying my iPod! The TuneBase FM will be very helpful when we take a long road trip 2 weekends from today. Usually we listen to the radio but at certain parts of the journey we have to go through hills and radio reception is affected by the hills. So being able to listen to your iPod during the time is really a good alternative.

    I have an audio book in my iPod that I have not finished listening to, so ... :-)


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