Saturday, July 15, 2006

9/11 Conspiracies

In the US we call those folks who believe in all kinds of conspiracies especially those about the government as the "black helicopter crowd".

I am sure most of you have heard of theories with regards to the events of 9/11 ... the Jews were behind the plane crashes on the twin towers, the Bush administration blew up the Pentagon themselves, CNN did not report the whole truth about the 9/11 events etc etc. :-)

There are many sites on the internet with their theories about what "really" happened on 9/11 and there are also sites that debunk the theories. Here's one site that has the most loony theories put together on one page. :-)

The most controversial of the events of 9/11 is on what actually happened to the Pentagon. I found the following video clip via Little Green Footballs. Anyone with some shred of common sense can readily see for himself/herself that the computer simulation presents the most likely sequence of events that happened at the Pentagon that day.

But then again not everyone is going to readily believe this video clip as attested by the comments found on You Tube where the video is posted. There are believers of these conspiracies in places as far flung as Malaysia. So what else is new, eh?


  1. This is a very good find. That should shut up those conspiracists.

  2. wow, I like this research ;)

  3. what a dumb article

    I guess all these people are lunatics then..

  4. fhb, those who want to believe in more than the obvious can call themselves whatever they want .. scholars or whatever ...

    Judging by the list of books on the so called scholars website, one can reasonably assume that simple explanation of the events, like why the twin towers collapse, is not going to satisfy anyone who wants to believe in the existence of a darker and sinister hand behind the events.

    Also, what is obvious to me is that the people who want to believe in these conspiracies are very anti-Bush, and very anti so called American power.

    And one more thing, some people are making money writing and selling their conspiracy based books of 9/11!

  5. First of all, you got a very nice template. At first i thought you are using wordpress or somekind of it. then on the second view , i thought you are already change to blogsome or blogdrive.
    Its awesome!

    I believe on the 9/11 conspiracy. Maybe i read to much some fact that is undeniable. Yes, it is impossible to make an attack on US as it is the most well guarded country in the world. it is only could be happen with some aid from the insider...

  6. I don't agree with your statement abt the US being the most guarded country in the world. Militarily, yes the mightiest country in the world. The US borders are very porous .. there are millions of illegal immigrants living in the US, and everyday, hundreds of illegals cross the border with Mexico.

    The one thing that most people not living in the US do not understand is that the US is an open country. People do not have to be afraid that the government or some secret agents are spying on people .. don't believe everything you read about the government wire-taping its citizens, listening to their phone calls etc .. The gov't bureaucracies are not that efficient!!

    If the government bureaucracies are more efficient, some government officials would have taken actions on a suspicion by some flight instructors about middle eastern guys taking flying lessons, learning to fly but not wanting to learn how to land the planes .. those middle eastern guys ended up hijacking and crashing the planes on 9/11.

    There are many books written by conspiracy theorists about 9/11, in particular one written by a French man, Thierry Meyssan (L'Effroyable imposture), and another written by 2 British guys called 9/11 Revealed.

    The US govt has a site refuting the "facts" in the book 9/11 Revealed

    I watched quite some time ago a documentary on (I think it was on PBS) about how the twin towers collapsed. It was a very good documentary because it went into great detail about the structure of the building and how the weakened steel structure and the weight of the collapsing top portion of the buildings were too great for the bottom portions to withstand.

    Anyway, just to read all the different conspiracy theories is enough to give me a headache! Such wild imaginations!


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