Friday, July 28, 2006

Head On

What the *%!#?! When I first saw this commercial, I thought that it has got to be the most irritating commercial I'd seen in a long time!

But you cannot deny that something short, repeated three times quickly, really sticks to your head! No pun intended! Haha. The commercial may be irritating but it sure is effective!

Below is a spoof on the commercial. What else can you apply directly to your forehead?

How about that head butting incident with Zidane during the recent World Cup? :-)

Head On plus Zidane!


  1. Well, that is an advertisement for. looking for some idea which could get someone attention.

  2. There's always a first. No Sarawakians have ever wanted to start some kind of trend...its the only way to make Sarawak famous eh? Mike Tyson's biting of Holyfield ears, Clinton's Cigar event etc.... what will Sarawakians ever do 'first'.

  3. Has there ever been any kind of "firsts" from Sarawak? Heheh.


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