Friday, July 21, 2006


This is a plug for my friend, Richard Carr, who created this innovative program, KeepAndShare.

KeepAndShare is the ideal way to create and share documents among friends and work colleagues.

KeepAndShare is so easy to use, you'll use it to:

* Organize documents, notes, photos, files and more
* Create photo blogs
* Share information and collaborate
* Keep all your to dos and calendar
* Keep in touch with others
* Organize any group
* Easily access your account from any internet PC
* Ensure your data is safe.
* Remember favorite web sites

I am a subcriber, and a believer in the usefulness of KeepAndShare. I use it mainly for posting large photos for my family members to view. Most of the stuff which I want only a limited number of people to see is placed in my KeepAndShare account.

That is one aspect of KeepAndShare that I really appreciate. I can make anything I want on my account as public or as private as I want.

Every KeepAndShare page is private and password protected by default - only you can see them. However, you can share each page and folder with specific people (these shared pages are still password protected and only visible to the exact people you specify), or you can share pages publicly with the entire world.
I have a list of bookmarks, and when I travel overseas (without my laptop) and want access to my bookmarks on a friend's/relative's computer, it is right there available for me to use.

KeepAndShare has a lot more useful purposes than I am using it for right now. The sharing of documents and the ability of the people in your group to edit it is something I find very attractive.

Please check out KeepAndShare, and open an account while you are at it! :-)


  1. The name "Richard Carr" sound familiar. Was he running something called "Carr Software" a while back or something?

  2. Could be Richard's brother, Robert. He is in the software development business in San Francisco. I don't exactly the name of Robert's business.

  3. issshhh, salah nya tadi, I mean I don't exactly know the name of Robert's business.

  4. ooppsss, I did a search on Carr Software - it does belong to Richard! Gee, I never knew Richard had other stuff besides KeepandShare! :-)

  5. Haha, ok. Thought the name sounded familiar.. well it's nice to know that he's developing KeepAndShare.


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