Thursday, July 13, 2006

Talk Radio

I have mentioned it several times on my blog that I enjoy listening to conservative talk radio. I had to listen to less of talk radio for a while because I was under some kind of stress and listening to talk radio did not help my stress level at all! :-)

Anyway, I am back to listening to talk radio full time and one of my favorite talk show hosts, is Mark Levin.

When I first heard Mark Levin on Sean Hannity's show, I thought he was an elderly man. He has the kind of voice that elderly people have, and he is only 48 years old!

I enjoy listening to Mark Levin because he is a very smart guy and very, very sharp. His irreverence is also one of the things that I find very attractive. He calls Hillary Clinton "Her Thighness", the New Times, "New York Slime" and other politicians all kinds of names.

I don't see Malaysia having this kind of talk shows, which is a pity. I am sure there are Malaysians who will say that this kind of talk radio is not good for a multi-racial, multi-religious country, but hey, that is what free speech is all about. Especially the freedom to speak about our government, good or bad.

Here's a sample of the first segment of today's second hour of the Mark Levin show.

The Mark Levin Show - Mark Levin


  1. I so agree with you on the uptight nature of Malaysian boring radio shows. In Miri we used to get CapitalFM (, which is a very spunky radio from London. It's actually from Brunei but we were able to receive it, and makes driving enjoyable.

    Recently this radio went off the air as Brunei cancelled it. It's a sad day for us Mirians who listen to it. Now we just resort to the CD / MP3 player in our cars for listening entertainment.

  2. That's too bad about capitalfm .. I used to listen to it too while in Miri.

  3. well if such kind of talk could be air in Malaysia, i think there is something wrong is going on.

    but for sure it is impossible for Malaysian radio station to air such a talk, you know how the (un)freedom of speech is practices in Malaysia.

  4. Guruh, I raised the same issue with some Malaysian ladies living here in the US. One is more optimistic than I am .. she says, give it time, Malaysia may one day have such programs on radio or tv ... I am not that optimistic, and I don't see that happening as long we continue to have race based politics, and politicians who have the attitudes that ordinary people should not question the intentions of the government.


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