Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dancing With the Stars Season 3

Dancing with the Stars' season 3 began today. I enjoyed the previous two seasons and I was lucky enough to have turned on the TV yesterday and heard that the new season begins today. I would have been really disappointed if I had missed the opening show! :-)

One of the dancers of this new season is Tucker Carlson (see pic at left). I know Tucker from his show on MSNBC. But poor Tucker. If ever there is guy with two left feet, he is the one! One of the judges even compared his dancing to sitting on the toilet! I felt sorry for him that I casted my vote for him tonight. Heheh, I don't want him to not receive any votes at all from the viewers! His score was the lowest from the judges. I am sure the other dancers will receive lots of votes. Already I can see at least 3 couples who are really good.

Harry Hamlin (Clash of the Titans, and TV's LA Law) is also one of the contestants this year. Last year his wife, Lisa Rinna, was in the competition. As for Harry's dancing, it was only slightly better than Tucker's. This guy doesn't have the moves. He was quite stiff.

I couldn't believe it when I heard at the start of the show that Jerry Springer was a contestant! I think he has a horrible TV show. But he was game enought to participate in the competition. His score was third lowest. He was really funny and he felt sorry for his professional dancing partner who had him as a partner.

Sara Evans (country singer) was also a contestant. I thought she danced really well, and I was surprised that she had the second lowest score before Tucker.

Mario Lopez (actor and TV host) is the cutest looking male contestant this season! His dimples! Heheh. Mario and his professional dance partner received the highest score from the judges tonight. I think I will be voting for this guy all the way this season too! He reminded me a lot of Drew Lachey in the previous season. They are both natural dancers.

There are a few new professional dancers this season. Jesse DeSoto is one of them and is the cutest looking of them all! Cheryl Burke is back this season. Last season, she and Drew Lachey were the champions of the competition. This season her celebrity partner is Emmitt Smith of NFL fame. He is a really big guy but he can move!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's result show. Tom Jones will be the special guest of the show. You know what? I just realized that I will be in Malaysia in early October and that means I am going to miss the last few episodes of the shows including the final! Boo hoooo. :-(

Update: Tucker won't be dancing with the stars in future episodes. He is the first to be eliminated from the competition.


  1. well just ask somebody to record it for you. You will not miss it but just late

  2. Hmm, I just discovered that you can actually see the competition on the ABC website ... of course lah, the recordings of the show.

    But there is no high speed internet connection at my parents'house. :-( Hope dial-up will be good enough to watch the recordings!

  3. That Mario Lopez use to act in Save by The Bell. I use to love him because of his dimples. That was a Looooooong time ago. :*) How much did you pay for that Kayak Trip? I might get the BF that when we go back during Gawai.

  4. I haven't paid for the trip but you can check out the rates at their website. Doug is looking forward to it, and me too, if they let me on sit with their expert kayaker! Heheh.

    That Mario Lopez can really dance but last week he didn't dance the required routine so he didn't do very well.


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