Thursday, September 07, 2006

Going Home

I have finally got the air-tickets for our trip home this year. This time we will be travelling through San Francisco and flying on Cathay Pacific. We normally take Malaysia Airlines and fly through Los Angeles but this time we thought we'd try another airline.

We will be in Kuala Lumpur from October 5 - 9. So those of you in the KL area, and if you are free during that time, how about getting together for some makan makan? Let me know .. Guruh, Agus ...

After KL, we'll be in Kuching for a few days. I am buying Doug a day trip with Kuching Kayak. I just hope that the weather will stay dry during that time. I can't swim, so I don't think I'll be joining Doug for any kayaking trip! :-( When I first mentioned this fact to Francis a few months ago, he told me there was enough time for me to learn to swim. Heh. No time lah.

I hope to meet up with some of you in Kuching too ... Vynne, Desmond, Dara, Mac. Cuthess and Chris come and meet me in Kuching!

After Kuching we'll be flying to Miri ... my hometown. The kids and I will stay till mid January, but Doug will return to California after two weeks. In January, he'll come back to fetch us home.

I told Doug he shouldn't complain about having to spend that money on air tickets to fetch us! Just think of how much more he can save without me there in California spending money on fabric and beads and Christmas toys! :-).

I am so looking forward to all the wonderful food back home! :-) And yes, I'll be sending Doug home from Miri with a bag full of food mixes, pastes, belacan etc! My supply till my next trip home!


  1. well, i don't know yet what is my plan for October. if there is nothing happen i will contact you by blog( i think).

    by the way, home sweet home....

  2. haha! looking to taking you and hubby kayaking through the rainforests!

  3. Hope you'll be free during that time, Guruh. Don't want me to belanja you kah? Heheh.

    Francis, Doug is looking forward to the kayaking, but me, not sure lah, unless you think it is ok! Remember I can't swim! But if I ride with an experienced kayaker ... er, maybe I will do it! Haha.

  4. That's good timing! I am already in holiday mood, hahaha....

    Sound great maybe I can say HI in October :p Keep posting then!


  5. It'll be nice if we can meet, Low! Keep in touch thru the blog!


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