Monday, September 25, 2006

Random Musings

I have been enjoying the Dancing With the Stars series. Last week Joey Lawrence scored 2 tens and 1 nine from the judges. It was indeed a surprise this early in the season. But I can tell he was the other male dancer besides Mario Lopez who can really dance.

I am not looking forward at all to missing the subsequent episodes! Next week, we are leaving on the day of the show and from that week onwards I will have to settle for the video clips of the shows on the ABC website! This series is the only show that I follow on TV right now. I do not watch anything else other than the news channels on TV, err, maybe some movie every now and then.


We are leaving next Tuesday evening, and I have not done any packing yet. It is not something I look forward to doing at all. I will have to make sure that each piece of luggage does not exceed 30 lbs. And that we are not going to have more than 3 pieces of checked in luggage! It will be hard, but we will have to do it. Dealing with two young kids will be hard enough, and we do not want to be distracted by excess baggage!

I heard on the radio today that it is now okay to carry small amounts of liquids and gel onboard. I had already bought some tic tac because if I can't bring any toothpaste in my carry on luggage I'd better have some alternative for freshening my breath!

It was pleasant news for me because that also means I can shop for some perfume from the duty free shops. The prices of perfumes at the US airports duty free shops are far cheaper than those in other countries. Prices at Taipei airport was no bargain and neither are those at KLIA. We'll be in Hong Kong for a few hours stop over and it'd be interesting to compare prices there too.


This past two weeks I was in a beading frenzy. I spent a few hundred dollars on beads and beading supplies. You can view some of my latest creations here.

I sold 3 pieces of my jewelry to one of my kids' teachers, and because of that surprise sale, I got really motivated! Heheh. The new beads I bought were chunkier and also of better quality. I also spent a bit on sterling silver wire, and find that the finished product looked classier. I like the sterling silver beads and the hill tribe silver too but those will have to wait. The price of the finished product will most definitely go up once I start using the better quality beads and wire.

I enjoy looking at the works of other beaders and I must say there are many of them out there! Others have online stores at places like Etsy to sell their creations. I am not ready to do that although if anyone is interested in purchasing any of my creations that they see on my blog, they are welcome to email me.


Today I got in touch with an old friend, Vernon, through his blog. It is wonderful to be able to reconnect with Vernon after all these years.

Vernon has an interesting blog that is filled with stories of the lifestyles of Malaysian celebrities. He is in the position to blog about Malaysian celebrities because he is an executive producer and artiste manager. I don't personally know any Malaysian celebrity, not even a small time Iban singer! Heheh. So I am always curious to know what goes on with the Malaysian celebrity scene.


Today is officially the second day of autumn but it doesn't feel much like autumn. People are still going about in their skimpy clothes. Only the mornings are cool and during the day, the temperatures are still nice and warm. Yesterday I went to church in my sleeveless dress and I was glad I dressed lightly because while we were out shopping that afternoon after church, the weather was quite warm.

One of the things that I miss about autumn, being in this part of California, is the autumn colors. There are very few places that you can go to to enjoy the spectacular beauty of fall foliage. Hardly any near where I live. Pity.

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