Monday, October 02, 2006

All Set

We are all packed and ready to go! My next posting will be from Malaysia. Woo hooo!

Last Saturday, we had to make a special trip to Walmart to get two more duffel bags. The two that I was relying on were not fit for another long trip. One had a broken wheel, and the other had tears near the handle.

Anyway, with three large duffel bags, I thought initially that I had more space than I needed. But with all the last minute things stuffed in, errr, it is as it has always been when we take a trip to Malaysia. Bags are stuffed till they almost look like they are ready to split! :-(

This trip I made sure to spread our clothings around in all three bags. With the change in airplane in Hong Kong, a bag could get lost, and I didn't want a whole bag of my clothes and things to disapper, or a bag of the kids or Doug's clothes and things to disappear! I am, however, hopeful that all three bags will be there at the arrival carousel in KLIA.

Looking forward to meeting old friends and enjoying the fabulous food back home!


  1. Hi Puteri,

    I hope you & your family have a safe flight to M'sia. Have a wonderful trip home. Jelousnya aku...hehehe

  2. Aiyo Doris,
    I called u this morning, then I call Q, she said u left this morning :)-.
    Have a nice trip home.
    I am leaving on 11/13. Will call u at home if u would give me yr parents no ?
    I will PM u my hotmail/tel in CHL. If u can check it, it will be nice.


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