Thursday, October 26, 2006

Miri Update

It has been three weeks since we arrived in Malaysia. I've been itching to get online but dial up connection can be summed up in two words: It sucks!

Big time!

I have been relying on my brother's computer and internet account to get online. I just couldn't get my own laptop to connect to the internet until today. I brought my laptop to a computer shop in town and a young man got the configurations right and so today I am using my own laptop to get online, using my brother's account, of course.

My first order of business after being able to get online on my own computer was to sign with Rush Limbaugh's 24/7. I have been having talk radio withdrawals.

I am listening to Rush Limbaugh as I write this. I think it is fantastic that even while in Malaysia I can still listen to Rush Limbaugh and keep up with the latest happenings especially on national politics.


I got to meet Vynne and Francis in Kuching. Too bad Doug was not able to go kayaking because Kuching Kayaking only takes a group of at least three people.

In KL, I met Jared and his daughter, Ayu. Denice and Ayu got along famously!


On the first day of Hari Raya, I met up with James and several other members of The dinner at Ming Cafe was great, and after that everyone continued on to Latong Cafe. I stayed for maybe half an hour. It has been a while since I entered a karaoke pub, and the cigarette smoke and loud karaoke got to me, I guess. I must be showing my age! :-)


I also visited relatives because none of them has met my children. We didn't do much while in Kuching, and nether did we do much in KL, because the children were still suffering from jet lag and after only a couple of hours out, they got cranky.


I had forgotten how hot and humid it is in Miri! Maybe in another couple of weeks the heat and humidity will be more bearable. Thank goodness for air-conditioning!

More updates later!


  1. Nice meeting you and Doug.

    Welcome back and since you're gonna be around for a couple of months, you and the kids will get used to it soon enough ... and then it's back to California!

    BTW my blog address is now at
    Same old blog but new address (hosted on's servers actually)

  2. Welcomed home to you and your family Puteri. Though we are staying just opposite each other (across the road hic!) the only time we got to see each other was just recently and only once! Believe it or not but its true! Have I been too busy? Nevertheless, will see you soon. Happy holiday in Malaysia....Smiles.....

  3. Francis, I have updated the link to your blog. Yes it was nice meeting you too. Maybe next time Doug will be able to make it with the kayaking!

    PC, I guess you must be busy! Heheh, the kids don't play outside much because they are afraid of the dog, especially Denice.

  4. LOL.. yea the loud karaoke. Hmm.. didn't ask you on how's the karaoke atmosphere in the US!

  5. Some restaurants here have karaoke but karaoke usually starts after 9 pm. I was at a small hotel once and there was a karaoke lounge there .. country western karaoke and people were dancing to the karaoke. The singers were good enough that people could dance to the singing!


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