Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thank Goodness for YouTube!


I have been able to catch up with my favorite dancers of the Dancing With the Stars competition via YouTube. ABC has videos of the competition on their site but the download is just impossible to put up with on a dial-up connection. :-(

I am sorry to read that, country star, Sara Evans, has withdrawn from the competition. It seems like she is going through a messy divorce.

Mario Lopez seems to be the favorite with viewers even though I think Joey Lawrence is the more talented of the two. I would hate it if Joey did not make it to the last two of the competition. Emmit Smith has a strong fan base and Cheryl Burke is a talented dancer and choreographer. It was most definitely her talent as a choreographer that clinched the title for her and Drew Lachey in the previous season.

I am glad that finally Jerry Springer is voted out of the show. It has been long overdue! Better dancers have long ago been booted out but because of his strong fan base, Jerry was able to stay on till the 6th week!

I am looking forward to the grand finale! Again, I say, thank goodness for YouTube and the fans who took the trouble to post the video clips online!


  1. dont you like Jerry Puteri? hehe... I think he was considered the Underdog thats why he stayed on that long.

    Glad you are having a good time back home.

  2. Jerry told his fans to stop voting for him after the 2nd episode. He knows that he cannot dance but because of his fans he was able to stay on that long. I feel sorry for Willa Ford, Vivica Fox and Harry Hamlin. They are far better dancers but got booted out early in the show. I guess Jerry felt embarrassed that he got to stay on while others got booted out.


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