Monday, October 30, 2006

Way to Go, Malaysia!

Way to go, moderate Islamic country, Malaysia!

Continue to make those 2 am raids more regularly especially on elderly white foreigners! Yes, who knows, those randy old, white men might have some young and nubile Malay women in their bed! Go ahead, knock on their doors and scare them so that they might leave the country with such good impressions of moral uprightness being practised in the beautiful country of Malaysia!

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Couple in khalwat raid may drop second home plan

LANGKAWI: Retired American policeman Randal Barnhart, who was subjected to a 2am raid by religious enforcement officers, is reconsidering his plan to make Malaysia his second home.

“After that unpleasant episode two weeks ago, I do not feel like making Malaysia my second home. It is a pity because both my wife and I really love Langkawi,” he said.

On Oct 12, Barnhart, 62, and his wife Carole, 61, were in their rented condominium in Kuah when enforcement officers continuously knocked on their door at 2am, accusing them of committing khalwat (close proximity).

He said the officers demanded to see his marriage certificate, although he had told them that they were Christians and should not be subjected to Islamic law.

HAPPIER TIMES: Barnhart and his wife Carole posing for a picture during an outing. They felt humiliated by the raid by religious enforcement officers in Langkawi recently.
“We find it difficult to forget the unpleasant episode. My wife was so terrified by the incident that she fears sleeping in that condominium,” he added.

Banhart said the officers were rude and insisted on “seeing the woman” when he opened the door.

“My wife had to show herself despite only having a sarong on at that time. We felt humiliated for being treated this way,” he said.

He said he had to send his wife back to the United States on the next available flight because she feared people might return to the condominium to terrify her in the middle of the night.

She flew home on Wednesday.

“I want the religious department to apologise to me and my wife in writing,” he added.

“I also want the department to compensate the RM4,315 I had to pay for the return ticket so that my wife could go home.”

Banhart said he would be sailing to Thailand once his yacht was repaired.

State Religious and Humanity Development Committee chairman Professor Datuk Wira Dr Othman Ishak said he would investigate the matter.

“I was not aware of this case. I will ask the Religious Department head. We will get feedback from the vice-prevention squad in Langkawi before making comments,” he said.

Kedah Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid said he would check with the state Religious Department to find out what really happened.

“I was not informed about this case. I will find out what really happened before making any comment,” he said.


  1. Indeed! Malaysia Boleh!

    One of my good friends, a Malay married to an American, carries her marriage certificate with her every time she returns to Malaysia .. in case she is surprised by those 2 am raids by the religious police.

  2. I disagree coz unfair to non Muslim, so how can non muslim live freely in this country? Its smell racist too, why should they be nosey, busybody to know more detail what people doing in the bedroom? That is their privacy and their right to doing what they want. The Police or the Ustaz better come to find the Malay girl sell meat or serving free sex for mat rempit in the city. They seem wasting thier time and look so stupid. I may suggest them to catch Philippinas prostitude as many as they can in the city. I can say that they are going to the wrong place with the wrong rule to the wrong person. Or maybe they want to see how an old western make love in real life? They are sooo stupid isnt it. They are ustaz but how can far they can be trusted, or maybe they need to see mental doctor coz something wrong was happen to their mind.

  3. Haha, Cuthess, you misunderstand me!

    I was being satirical, facetious ...

    Of course what those people from the religious dept did was "memalukan" .. as if they got nothing better to do .. trying to charge khalwat on non muslims!! Ridiculous!!

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  5. Hello Puteri, where are you now? Are u in Miri or Kuching , Saratok? So when you will step here in Sibu Or Bintangor. I would like to treat you many cups of coffee if u dont mind. Tomorrow is my last day to work then will break for long end year holiday. But by 22 Nov I will go to KL walk in interview for my visa application. Apa boleh buat my bear demand a lots and want me to come on Dec. Hope you getting well and hope we can meet before u leaving to USA. HAPPY FRUITY HOLIDAY!


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