Sunday, January 14, 2007


Yesterday I went to a Beauticontrol products demo at a friend's house. Each of us present (7 ladies) got to try some of the skin care products. I enjoyed the session and all of us ended up buying some product or other. But I went a step further. I signed up as a "consultant" for the company.

I am not one to do multi-level marketing. I have done a few previously but have never been motivated enough to really go all out selling and recruiting. The main reason Beauticontrol appealed to me, apart from the excellent products, was that as a member I only needed to buy $100 worth of products every 4 months, a lot less than what most MLM companies require of their members.

I can safely assume that in 4 months I will need to replenish the products that I am using, and also my friend, Kathy, says that she will buy from me, so that helps the cost sharing.

Back in Miri, one of my sisters-in-law, is using the SK-II skin care line. I see the improvements in her facial skin and was impressed by it. I found out that SK-II is available online and thought I would like to try the product despite the higher prices compared to other skin care products.

But at the Beauticontrol session yesterday, after trying out some of the skin care products, and the reasonable prices to the items, I was sold. Why spend big bucks if what costs less works the same?

As one ages, one notices that one needs to do more to keep and maintain a youthful appearance!


  1. ni gamal skin care nyak dehh??ila nuan ngeso ke pics products nyak nehh

  2. namahal aku enda ulih post comment under my ID nehh..btw its me debbie

  3. Sorry, Debbie, enda nemu namahal. Aku switched to beta blogger, so now I have to log in using my gmail ID. But I thought Blogger ID is still ok for others to leave comment.

    Uji nuan follow link to the Beauticontrol site, dia nuan ulih meda products sida. So far I like their skin care products .. the moisturiser doesn't feel oily on my skin. Their many masques ... I like them! Heheh. Reasonable prices sida.

    Hands and feet products pen ok .. Tau di promote!

    I will only get the make-up kit after I attend the training. Next month aku pegi, laban time too tight this month. Malas endar asai laban aku enggai bejual ka utai, tang what to do ... 30% discount on retail is too good to pass!


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