Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Going Home

We are at Hong Kong International Airport waiting for our connection to San Francisco. The flight from KL was so so with a few bumpy patches.

Our three night stay in KL was mostly spent at Times Square. Times Square is a really huge mall and there are many restaurants there. I wished I had more time there so I can at least try as many restaurants as possible there! :-) Among the things I did, besides trying out the different restaurants, were an aromatherapy massage, a shampoo and blow dry, and a manicure at a salon. Doug was left to mind the children in the room.

We are really looking forward to sleeping in our own beds and in our own rooms. The kids have been saying "me want to go home" for the last few days, at least more so since Daddy arrived to fetch us home.

Looking forward to blogging more regularly once I get home!


  1. Hello, How are you? Hope u had a good time in KL. How long have u stayed in the States? Do you get to vote recently The midterms?

  2. Nightwing, thank you for dropping by. I enjoyed my stay in KL. Times Square is not a bad place to stay at.

    I am not a citizen so I did not get to vote in the midterms.. maybe in the futre! I have been living in the States for almost 8 years now.


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