Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Reprise

Every year around this time, we hear the usual calls by Islamic authorities in Malaysia and Brunei, for Muslims not to celebrate Valentine's Day. One of the most ridiculous remarks I have heard this year is by Ramli Nuh, "Unmarried couples might come together and mingle with each other in unacceptable ways."

Huh? As if unmarried Muslim couples need to wait till Valentine's Day for them to come together and mingle with each other! As if promiscuity needs a specific day to give itself the green light!

St. Valentine may have been a Christian, but Valentine's Day, as it has evolved to what it is today is not a religious celebration. It is not a day that is celebrated by the Church. It has become, instead, an occasion to remember those you care about by sending them cards, flowers, chocolates, and for the romantic, a time to celebrate love. In fact, for a lot of businesses, it has become one of their most profitable days!

My kids couldn't wait to get to pre-school today because they were celebrating Valentine's Day with a party .... candy, chocolates, cup cakes, face painting, peanut butter sandwiches!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.


  1. Happy Belated Valentine's Day from Miri. Just don;t understand whats the hoo ha abt this day. There are many pressing things to be concern about then asking people not to celebrate this day. Only know how to raise irrelevant issues.

    Like you said, as if ppl waited once a year to be 'ahem' with each other. Sad sad case.

    Any way..i am sure your kids had fun with the chocolates and cards thingy.

  2. You are not late with your wishes .. it is still Valentine's Day here. Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day to you too. :-)

    My kids had the fill of candy, cupcakes and chocolates. :-)

    What do you expect ... Malaysia has those religious departments that like to peep and busy themselves into other people's private lives.

  3. Hi sist'
    Laun wish nuan & family Happy Belated Valentine Day ehehehe...

    Meli chocolate cake ajak aku saum enggau roomate tersayang.. ekekeke

  4. that's is absolutely right its not a christian celebration... by the way happy valentine day


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