Tuesday, March 20, 2007

American Idol

Is this really my first post about American Idol this year? Amazing! As my regular readers know I am an avid fan of American Idol.

I find tonight's show the most entertaining this season. The contestants were singing British sixties songs and the contestants were coached by two sixites British legends, Lulu, and Peter Noone from Herman's Hermits.

I have not been particularly impressed by the male contestants this year, but tonight their performances exceeded my expectations. I especially enjoyed Chris Richardson's performance. He kept his runs to the minimun and the acoustic guitar accompaniment made the song totally contemporary. Blake Lewis outdid himself and a sixties song sounded like it belonged in 2007 .

I can now understand why Sanjaya Malakar is still in the show. He has had such bad comments from the judges and almost everyone who blogs on American Idol, from the get go, says he'll be the next one to get booted out. But no, he keeps hanging on there. Tonight the camera kept showing a young teenaged girl, named Ashley, crying when Sanjaya was singing. It appears that Sanjaya has become a teeny bopper! No wonder he keeps coming back week after week!

Haley Scanato, wearing a skimpy top, sang first. She did an ok job. Vocal-wise, her talent is no where near the likes of Lakisha, Melinda and Jordan. Gina Glocksen was a little off pitch tonight and Chris Sligh did an ok job.

I was surprised that the judges did not give LaKisha Jones their usual praise eventhough I think she did a superb job with the song, Diamonds Are Forever. Decked in diamonds estimatedly worth $1 million no less!

Jordan Sparks did very well with, I Who have nothing. She can really sing. I was quite disappointed with Stephanie Edwards' singing. I think the judges were right, the song she chose was not the right one for her singing style which is usually more upbeat.

Melinda Doolittle, as always, sounded like a pro. She may not have the commercial look, but her talent is undeniable. I noticed that she has quite a fan base in the audience.

If I have to take a guess as to who will be next to get the boot, I think it will be another guy. I think Sanjaya will remain in the competition and Phil Stacey will be the one to go. We will see if I am right at tomorrow's result show! :-)


  1. Please keep us posted on the results. Who do u think will win this year?

  2. Hard to say. Blake Lewis is very popular but his vocal talent is no where near the girls' like Lakisha, Melinda and Jordan. Blake may make it to the final two. Of the three girls, I think Melinda has the best control of her voice .. after all she was a professional back up singer. Doug, my husband, wants Melinda to win. :-)


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